I am a Real Madrid player
December 29 2015

Navas: At the end of the season for Real Madrid fans will be proud
I am a Real Madrid player, it makes me very clearly to the outside of the club's requirements are very high, I think we should all do our best to practice every day, as much as possible in order to win the game. "In an interview with reporters and club officials when Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas said.

Navas also believes the team is now on the right path forward: "We are trying to train every day, and sometimes we played poorly in the race, but I believe the team is traveling in the right track, I believe the fans at the end of the season when we will be proud of the team's performance. "

2015 left the last game, which Navas said: "We will see a comprehensive Real Madrid, we will strive to make the fans happy to be able to say goodbye to 2015, I am also very clear that Manchester United fans make the team more powerful. "

For 2016, the outlook Navas said: "Everyone is looking to us to continue to fight all the champions, I also believe that Real Madrid will finalize the goal, we are a nation, the collective conviction, convinced that victory.

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